What is a short Condolence Message?

A short condolence message is a message of sympathy sent to loved ones, friends and acquaintances during their time of grief. They can be accompanied by gifts, flowers, condolence cards or anything that can make the bereaved feel better. Usually written in a very respectful manner, these brief words of sympathy are succint but heartfelt ways of telling our loved ones that we will always be there whenever they need us. You can take a cue from our compilation of thoughtful short condolence messages to tell your loved ones exactly how much their grief saddens you.

Condolences how to express?

How to express condolence to others should not be hard, because as humans we have felt what it means to lose someone. Always remember than in expressing condolence, or sympathy, the goal is to offer as much compassion, concern and connection with the bereaved. You can express this by sharing memorable moments that you had with the deceased, or how you will equally miss the person.

At one point in time in our lives, we have lost something very important to us, most times we are pained. But this pain doesn’t last forever as we know we might be able to replace the lost item. The case is not the same when we lose our loved ones, the pain lingers longer, and sometimes, forever. There are certain persons that come into our lives and changes it for the best. Whether family or friend, losing someone important can be a very sad thing to experience.

What condolences to write?

Words, when put write can go a long way in softening the hardest of hearts. There are things you can write to show your concern for the bereaved. The goal is to write something beautiful, soothing, and encouraging at the same time. At such, you have to carefully select your words to make perfect sense to the bereaved. When trying to write, make sure you sound as positive as possible. You need to calm the bereaved, and not cause more tension than there already is.

Some examples of what condolences to write can be. “I am deeply sorry for the loss of [the name of the deceased here] I wish to have you know that I am here to honor him/her and always remember him/her.” You can also say, “there are lots of things we did together, I’ll remember him/her for so many positive things that we did together.”

There are no right words, there’s nothing you could say that will make the pain go away. However, we have a selection of 150 short condolence messages you can send to a grieving person.

  • My thoughts are with you, even as my love goes out to you.

  • Thinking about you and your family in this time of need.

  • Call me if you need anything. May his/her soul find peace

  • This tragedy has devastated us all.

  • We will continue praying for you from our hearts

  • We sincerely hope peace finds you during this difficult time.

  • Our thoughts are with you, in this trying time.

  • Your loss saddens us; we are deeply sorry.

  • (Name) may have left out sight, but he/her shall never be forgotten

  • (Name) shall really be missed. Accept our sympathy.

  • We learned of (Name) untimely demise.

  • Losing a loved one is hard, but knowing you have people to walk you through the journey lightens the burden; you have me.

  • The news of (Name) demise came as a great shock to us. Please accept our condolence.

  • Dealing with loss is never easy.

  • We shall always be available when you need us.

  • A phone call is all you need to have me there with you.

  • Our hearts and thoughts remain with you as you mourn.

  • Sadnesss engulfed us the moment we learned of (Name) passing.

  • We shall always pray for you.

  • We may not know how sad the death of (Name) makes you. We hope you let us share in your grief.

  • If we can comfort you in anyway, please let us know.

  • Please accept my sympathy over the loss of (Name)

  • We pray time will heal and lighten the pain you feel.

  • We never forget our loved ones, their memories live in our hearts.

  • May loving memories of (Name) comfort you.

  • Always thinking of you and your family.

  • (Name) passing is quite a devastating news.

  • Take solace in the fact that (Name) is in a better place, till we meet him/her again, may he/she continue to rest with the Lord. Be strong.

  • You may not know this, but grieving can help you heal better, so take your time.

  • People like (Name) are truly rare.

  • My sincere condolences over the death of (Name)

  • Death relieves our loved ones of their suffering, but it puts us in pain… what a conflict.

  • Let me offer my sincere condolences to you.

  • Your family is sorrounded by people who genuinely love them, hope that will help you get through this.

  • Draw strength from (Name) memories.

  • We may not understand exactly how you feel, but we sympathize with you at this time.

  • Let me know right away, if you ever need my help.

  • Our deepest condolences, from the family of (Name).

  • Be patient, time heals all wounds.

  • Let the love of people who care help you through this journey.

  • (Name) soul has found rest

  • Prayers are known to ease burdens, you are currently in mine.

  • Please take things easy, take time to grieve and get better, accept my sympathy.

  • (Name) continues to rest in God’s bossom

  • (Name) is now with the angels above.

  • The Lord has taken away (Name) suffering. We just hope He gives us the strength to deal with this sorrow.

  • We sympathize with you over the loss of (Name). He//She was a very great person. My sympathies.

  • We received with shock, the news of (Name) passing. Our condolences.

  • We were (Name) colleagues. He/She shall surely be missed. Accept our condolences.

  • Let the fun memories you created with (Name) help you get through this.

  • We sympathize with you, with heavy hearts.

  • Sorry for your loss. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

  • Sorry to hear about (Name) passing. May God give you the fortitude to bear this loss.

  • The tragic loss of (Name) deeply saddens me.

  • The death of (Name) truly saddens me.

  • You are in our thoughts and prayers.

  • Never forget, you have friends who love you.

  • (Name) definitely left his/her prints on the sands of time.

  • (Name) was a rare gem.

  • Just learned (Name) is no longer with us.

  • Heard about (Name) sudden demise.

  • We shall continually pray for you and your family.

  • Sorry for your loss.

How to write a Condolence Message In Moments of Grief?

It is very necessary to offer our condolences to grieving loved ones, not just to show we care, but to also show that we are willing to support them, come what may. Many of us however, do not really know how to accurately explain how we feel with words. Writing a sympathy message involves a lot of deep emotion, this is why it is not usually easy. Words of encouragement after death are usually personal and touching and should be carefully written to so as not to pass the wrong message. Our list of condolence messages will help you find the exact words to describe how you feel.

  • The news of (Name) death came as a shock to me.

  • So sorry to receive the news of (Name) passing.

  • Death is inevitable, we know,but when it happens, we just cannot help but feel sad.

  • The news of (Name) death, saddened us greatly.

  • I was shocked to hear about the tragic loss of (Name)

  • Please accept my deepest condolences.

  • Losing someone you love is never easy.

  • Hope you know we are here for you.

  • Just one phone call, if you ever need to hear a kind voice

  • If you need anything, please do not hesitate to reach out.

  • Our love goes out to you.

  • We are deeply saddened to learn about (Name) passing

  • Words cannot express how much we sympathize with you in this time of sorrow.

  • As you deal with the demise of (Name), just know our thoughts are with you.

  • You are in our hearts, whatever you need.

  • Please accept our heartfelt condolences sympathies for your loss

  • May your sorrow lighten with each passing day.

  • Love heals all wounds,we hope you continually carry (Name) love in your heart.

  • May (Name) memories comfort you.

  • My heart goes out to your and your family. Accept my sympathy.

  • (Name) passing is a very terrible tragedy

  • Tears can heal the soul, so take all the name you need to mourn and heal.

  • My sincere condolences to you and your family

  • Death never seems fair, but at least we take solace in the fact that our loved ones are relieved from their suffering.

  • People like (Name) are few on Earth. He/she shall surely be missed.

  • I want to extend my heartfelt sympathy to you

  • There are people who love you and your family, let that love sorround you

  • Focus on the good memories of (name) and let these memories bring you comfort

  • You must be going through a lot right now, but just know someone is thinking of you.

  • Whatever way we can help lighten your burden, just know we are here for you.

  • From my family with love, accept our deepest sympathies.

  • May you be patient enough to get through this journey

  • Let our love engulf you in this trying period

  • (Name) has found peace and freedom in God

  • (Name) is resting in the bossom of the Lord

  • (Name) soul has found rest

  • (Name) has left us with a lot of sorrow to deal with.

  • (Name) shall continue to rest eternally.

  • Sending thoughts of comfort and kindness to the grieving family.

  • We greatly sympathize with you and your family.

  • Friends share everything with love, even sorrow. That is exactly what we hope to do, as your friends.

  • If only words can express how sad your loss makes me. My condolences.

  • Words alone cannot express my sorrow; please accept my sympathy.

  • May her soul rest in peace. You have our support, whenever you need it.

  • A gem as special as (name) can never be forgotten,

  • Even as you go through this pain, you are not alone, my thoughts are with you.

  • Thinking of you, in this difficult time

  • Losing a spouse is never easy, we promise to help our beloved uncle get through this period.

  • The memory of people we love becomes a treasure when they are gone. Treasures are valuable, keep them safe.

  • Words cannot express how pained I am for your loss

  • Our earnest prayer, is that peace and comfort find you in this trying.

  • (Name) made good memories with you. May those memories help you find peace.

  • If your pain could be taken away, we would do just that, just to show how sorry we are.

  • May love sorround you enough to take your pain away.

  • May you find enough peace to comfort you.

  • The news of your loss deeply saddened us, we are truly sorry.

  • As a family, we sympathize with you and your family as you mourn

  • Heart felt sorrow and condolences, from my family to yours.

  • As you go through this dark time, just know you have my thoughts and good wishes

  • Faith in God as always, will fill the void you left in our hearts, Grandma

  • A thought of sympathy and love to the grieving family

  • Even as you are grieving, may you draw strength from the love of family and friends to stay strong.

  • God’s love heals, we pray it shall be available for you also, to make you feel better and lighter.

  • Hoping you get enough love from family and friends to help you through this journey.

  • As your friends, we are here to comfort you in this time of grief, please never forget that.

  • Even as the snows fall and leave you cold, I hope you will let my arms enfold you, to love and to hold.

  • Still praying for you, may you find strength to bear this loss.

  • May the Lord continue to strengthen you.

  • My family shall be at your beck and call during this trying time.

  • We can not take away your pain, we can only pray to God to give you a reason to smile again.

  • A person like (Name) can never be forgotten, but we take solace in the fact that he/she led a very great life.

  • There is nothing one can say to magically ease the pain of a loss so great, just know we share in your pain too.

  • Please accept my sincere condolences. Call if you need anything.

  • Even as (Name) has gone to be with our maker, we know we shall feel him/her smiling down on us.

  • We are (Name) co-workers and we shall really miss him/her. He/she has left a void quite big. Accept our condolences.

  • We sympathize with the family of (Name). We shall always remember you in our prayers and thoughts.

  • Our condolences to the family of (name), with love from (name)

  • Heaven gained an angel when you left us, but our tears and pain are still here.

  • I hope you accept my condolences for your loss

  • May you find love, strong enough to comfort you as you mourn

  • Words alone cannot describe how sad this makes us. We are deeply sorry.

  • More than anything, may you find peace and comfort.

  • You never have to feel alone, not when you have people like us who are ready to stand by you.

Why express condolences?

Condolence is to help relieve and comfort the bereaved. It is okay if you do not wish to comfort anyone, your comfort can go a long way in helping the bereaved heal faster. You also express condolences as a sign of love. When you love someone, you also check on their wellbeing.
Condolences prove that you have respect and regard for the dead person. If you miss the burial or do not show up at the time you are meant to over the death of someone dear to you, it can be termed to be hatred by other members of the family.

Show Your Support With a Sympathy Card :

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is never easy. That is why sometimes we are at loss as to how to console a grieving person. We do not want to be misunderstood as some good meaning words could turn out wrong, if not properly placed. Sympathy cards help us convey our condolences, in a very concise yet, heartfelt manner. When accompanied with some kind words, condolence cards can convey just how we feel about the loss our loved ones are dealing with. If you need any guide as regards how to pen down your thoughts, our carefully collated sympathy quotes will help you decide exactly what to write on your sympathy card.

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